The art lover will pay the membership fee in advance by the payment methods specified at the Website. The art lover will follow the instructions specified at the Website to purchase and pay for the Subscription. The processing of payment information and data is done at the third party sites. When he/she orders a Subscription, the art lover authorizes Art of Lumos A.Ş. to collect the corresponding price with the chosen payment method. The Subscription does not become active, until Art of Lumos A.Ş. receives the payment or the payment is approved by the relevant financial institution. After that, the Subscription will be in effect for the period, when it is purchased by the art lover.


The detailed information on the membership types offered by Art of Lumos A.Ş. is available at the website. The detailed information such as membership plans, limitation on the number of devices that can be operated, maximum device size, image quality format, location type to be applied, etc. will be made available at  as determined by Art of Lumos A.Ş. The Art lover agrees, states and undertakes that he/she will observe the limitations, terms and conditions of the membership type chosen during the membership process.

If the device on which the work will be displayed by the art lover is insufficient and the Art lover requires, the Art lover may purchase a media player called "box" offered by Art of Lumos A.Ş. in order to adapt to the device size-image quality formats and location type formats. The box service will be priced separately from the membership fee and the conditions will be determined and published by Art of Lumos A.Ş. at the website.

  • The Art lover can exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery in the procedures related to the sale of the work, in transactions related to the sale of services, without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification.


  • All payments made by the Art lover to Art of Lumos A.Ş. or Intermediary Service Provider for the relevant work or service will be returned in accordance with the payment means used by the Art lover in purchasing such work or service, without any expense or obligation to the consumer and at once within 14 (fourteen) days following exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Art lover (provided that such work is forwarded back via the carrier designated by Art of Lumos A.Ş. Where the right of withdrawal is exercised duly in any shoppings made by using a loan, in purchases made using credit, in cases where the right of withdrawal is duly used, the product price will be refunded to the account associated with such loan.


  • The Art lover may exercise his/her right of withdrawal by logging in The Art lover must return/deliver such work to Art of Lumos A.Ş. within 10 (ten) days following exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Art lover by completing the return request form on the relevant page and getting the address details of Art of Lumos A.Ş. for return. The invoice, digital records, box, packaging, standard accessories, if any, and other products gifted complete with the work must be returned completely and without any damage together with the work.